Selling a Home in Brunswick

Selling a Home in Brunswick

Selling a home in Brunswick doesn’t have to be complicated with the guidance of a local professional. Expert agents know the ins and outs of the local market and will use this information to appropriately price your home, market your listing, and negotiate with buyers. For a stress-free and successful home sale, follow this guide.

Preparing Your House to Sell

The right preparation can make a world of difference when capturing buyer interest. Before listing a home on the market, prepare your house by determining its value, finding the right help, and staging the property.

Determine Your Home’s Value

To understand how to best concentrate your time and resources, determine your home’s value. Agents have tools like a comparative market analysis that they’ll use to estimate your home’s value based on similar properties’ pricing in the area. Agents will also account for your home’s specifics, like its condition, location, size, and features. As of February 2023, the median home value for Brunswick homes was $330,000. The uniqueness of the Brunswick communities with the old and new areas lead to the lower median. Your property will be measured with similar properties to be competitively priced in the peer group.  If you’re unsatisfied with your property’s valuation, consider making upgrades that increase its value. Projects like a bathroom or kitchen renovation have a high ROI (return on investment), while additions that increase a home’s usable space are also valuable. Sometimes, small improvements of paint, updating or refinishing flooring, and changing light fixtures can make a difference too! Consult with your agent to choose upgrades that align with a neighborhood’s standards and buyer interests in the area.

Interviewing Real Estate Agents

When you’re sure about selling a home in Brunswick, interviewing an Agent will find help that aligns with your goals. Make sure to get answers that pertain to their type of experience, level of success, skills and selling process, and how they communicate. You should feel like you can contact an agent whenever you need to. There are no posted business hours when you are hiring an agent to sell the valuable and personal investment of your home.

Good and Bad Times to Sell

Choosing the right time to sell depends on your goals as a seller, local market trends, and seasonality. Traditionally, most buyers start their home search at the beginning of spring. This is especially relevant for areas like Brunswick, as some winter weather makes it difficult to view and market homes. Sellers should try listing in a seller’s market or when buyer demand is higher than housing supply. The Frederick County Market has been, and continues to be a Seller’s Market for the last few years due to high demand and lower inventory of homes. The Frederick County Market tends to be robust throughout the year, with peaks in the Spring and early Fall.  However, Buyers are looking for homes throughout the year, and the right time to sell is when you want to, or need to sell! We are fortunate in that the proximity to Washington DC, and also Northern Virginia, with the option of the MARC train for transportation to certain locations, combined with the improved affordability of the Brunswick area makes the Brunswick area an excellent option for buyers.

Staging Your Home and Taking Photos

Make your property desirable to buyers by staging your home. Clutter is off-putting and distracting for buyers and may indicate issues with the home’s condition which is why sellers should clean and declutter thoroughly. To save time, focus on important rooms like the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen. These areas should be decorated in neutral tones and brightly lit from natural and artificial sources. To catch a buyer’s eye in their online search, take professional photos of your property.  A floor plan can be a helpful addition to the information posted by your Agent too. Your Agent will provide the expertise and assistance with suggestions on how to optimize your home's appeal before the photographer arrives.

Selling Your Home

When your home is cleaned and staged, start the selling process by listing your property on a local MLS. Narrow down what you want from a sale before entering negotiations, then prepare for closing costs. Your Agent should prepare a detailed worksheet of closing expenses prior to listing your property and also with any offers.

Listing on the MLS

Partnering with an agent provides sellers with access to a local MLS. The Multiple LIsting Service  is a powerful tool that boosts your home’s visibility. Once listed, your home will appear on sites buyers use in their individual searches. To supplement this, agents will market your home online and offline by scheduling home showings, hosting open houses, and preparing virtual tours.
Cash vs Traditional Offers with Financing
Buyers who make offers on your home can finance their proposals with a mortgage or make a cash offer. Both present different perks for sellers. Sellers who accept cash offers can usually count on a deal going through with little complications and avoid contingencies traditional buyers ask for. However, sellers may prefer traditional offers if they need extra time to prepare for a move or want a higher offer. Remember, it is all cash at settlement! The terms and price offered are key factors, and the experienced agent should assist in the evaluation of the most appealing offer to consider accepting.

The Closing Process

When buyers and sellers have reached an agreement, the closing process, also known as escrow, can begin. If a buyer is financing with a mortgage, they’ll likely order a home inspection and a home appraisal. After these are completed, a seller may have to reenter negotiations to handle any repairs. Please discuss these negotiations with your Agent to determine the best response. Some Contracts may sell “as-is” which means the inspections are “for information only”. Other Contracts may provide an opportunity for the Buyer to negotiate for repairs or a credit. Closing Costs for the Seller will include the Maryland Transfer and Recordation Tax, preparation of the Deed and Release, and Realtor’s commission. These expenses should be outlined on the Worksheet provided by your Realtor. The average home can close 30 days from the date of Contract, however those are terms to negotiate and discuss with your Agent. Also, consider your move-out timing:  a rent-back or time to stay in the house after settlement may be an option to negotiate with the aid of your agent. Timing is important! Do you need time to find a replacement property, be sure to consider and discuss those options with your Agent.

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling your Brunswick Home

Even after reviewing the information above, it’s normal to have questions about selling a home in Brunswick. Here are some answers to common questions sellers have when listing their properties.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Home in Brunswick?

Homes in Frederick County spend a median of 14 days on the market, which is very quick. In Brunswick, single-family homes spend a median of 27 days on the market as of February 2023. Sellers aiming for a high-priced sale should make needed repairs and smart upgrades to their home. For a quick sale, work with your agent to increase your home’s marketing online and offline. In many cases, homes are selling in a shorter timeframe than that median value. The Comparative Market Analysis, and your experienced Realtor can help answer those questions based on market trends.

Can I Sell my Brunswick Home Without a Realtor?

Sellers can choose to sell their Brunswick homes FSBO, but they’ll likely have less success doing so. This is because most sellers lack the skills, knowledge, and connections that an agent uses to correctly price, market, and sell your property. Additionally, most buyers’ agents are reluctant to work directly with a seller which can cause your listing to linger and sell for less. The Multiple Listing Service, BRIGHT MLS, in our region offers the benefit of reaching a broad audience of Buyers and also syndicates listing to many popular search websites such as Due to the low inventory of homes for sale, many homes have the potential to bring multiple offers, which a “for sale by owner” is less likely to see.

What If My Home Isn’t Paid Off Yet?

Many sellers list their properties without having paid off their full mortgage. All mortgages,including Home Equity LInes of Credit, must be paid off in full with the sale of the property. To do this, the home sale’s profits are used to pay off the loan’s remaining balance. Make sure you agree to an offer price that can cover mortgage costs and closing fees to avoid paying out of pocket. In the event you owe more than the house can be sold for, homes can be sold via a short sale. Please work with your mortgage lender/s to determine if they will consider a short sale. An experienced agent can explain the process.

Ready to Sell your Brunswick Home?

When selling a home in Brunswick, make sure you have the time and resources to commit to staging your property, maintaining appearances for home showings, and financing closing costs. An agent is invaluable to sellers in helping them prepare and market their properties. If you’re ready to list your home, contact experienced agent Rose Bartz for expert guidance. Rose is a top producing agent in the area and looks forward to helping you have a seamless transaction.

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